While the research and clinical trials continue to provide a growing body of scientific evidence that Melaleuca Alternifolia is a true gift of nature – with many remarkable therapeutic benefits — more and more people are discovering for themselves ways that Melaleuca Alternifolia can improve their health & well-being.From positive results against minor illnesses, to wins against some of man-kinds most serious disease, these are their personal stories:


  • Jannene H: Lyme disease
  • A Niblett: Liver cancer
  • Leanne: Lyme disease
  • C Smith: Lung cancer
  • Doug: Dengue fever
  • Cherylee: Arthritis pain
  • Raphael: Cancer
  • Dale: Tuberculosis
  • Jenny: Immune system
  • Mirco & Margaret: Influenza
  • Steve: Infections

 Jannene Howse: Lyme disease  — A New Lease On Life/Personal Experience

I have been sick since around 2001 with one diagnosis after another. I lost count after 50.

Some of those diagnoses included Post traumatic stress disorder, Post fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue; I had numerous test results; I had hypoglycemia; I was being investigated for MS and neuropathy. Almost every organ and system in my body was affected; I don’t have time to list them all.

In 2014, when I was sure I was dying, as were my family, I was finally diagnosed with Late Stage Chronic Lyme disease by my long time doctor.

I was told I needed to go to Germany for specialized LYME treatment, like what they do with AIDS where they heat the body to over 40 degrees to kill multiple organ infections.

As I couldn’t afford the tens of thousands of dollars to go, I began searching with my Dr for other alternatives.

It was around this time that a friend of my family’s contacted me to tell me about 98Alive, which I began to take along with my Dr protocol.

It was powerfully effective; however, I was having terrible herxheimer problems from the die off of the infection. I was living in a bungalow away from my family – lying on my bed all day treating the herx as best I could. My mind and memory and energy were affected so severely I could barely care for myself. I was having excruciating nerve pain that only the heaviest pain killers available could help.

My Doctor suggested I look into the Buhner protocol, which I was already doing and so self-read the book and self-prescribed. The very day I began taking my self-prescribed protocol, (based on an accurate knowledge of my conditions from test results) I began to feel 50% better at least; my dizziness and severe short term memory loss stopped, my energy increased.

It was about 2 weeks later that my pain had subsided so much that I was no longer on morphine and Lyrica and other heavy pain medications.

98 Alive was so effective with chronic late stage Lyme disease that the massive herx I was having needed a heavy duty treatment alongside it and I found that in the herbal Buhner protocol for Lyme disease.

I believe I am alive today because of the family friend who shared 98 Alive with me.

Try 98 Alive, it works so powerfully you need to be prepared as you kill the infections!

Jannene Howse

Warburton, VIC



A. Niblett: Liver cancer — My Personal story

Date: 25/12/14

My name is Allen Niblett; I’m near on 90 years of age. Earlier this year I got the shock of my bloody life when my GP told me that the tests had confirmed her suspicions. I had liver cancer.

She sent me off to see a surgeon, but he reckoned that it was too complicated for him to touch and arranged for me to see to see a liver specialist down in Brisbane.

Off I went to see this character and he only confirmed my worst fears. He checked out my CAT scan and after telling me that even if I was 30 years of age he wouldn’t operate it would be curtains for me.

The problem was where the cancer was situated smack bang at the junction between the two arteries that run into your liver and to cut it all out was an unacceptable risk.

He told me to go home and pat the cat. This was hard for me as Bev and I don’t have a cat. He also said that it would only get more aggressive and I be gone ta ta’s by Christmas.

Bev was really upset because it caused her a lot of worry. What would she do for Christmas? Should she order a large turkey for two or a smaller one? I trundled off to see my GP and she told me that she could book me into a Hospice to see my last days out as comfortable as possible.

Now I’ve always been a fighter and Bev has always been by my side we prayed and a very good friend suggested that I try some stuff called “98 Alive”. He said it was an immune system booster and might help. Hell, when someone walks in with a tape measure the last thing you want to do is lay down. I would give anything a go.

After taking 4 capsules a day for a week or so another mate tracked down Professor Reynolds and he suggested that as it was a liver problem I might be better off with syrup which he had developed.

My Blood Count at this point had doubled and I was told that it would double again with each 6 weekly blood test. It went from 16 to 36 and the medical profession were expecting it to double again on my next test.

I was down in the dumps but continued to take my syrup. 4 teaspoons a day, I didn’t miss a day and bugger me dead when I took the test the count had only moved up 4 points. All the doctors were astounded. The old saying, “one galah doesn’t mean it’s spring.”

They said we don’t know what you’re doing or taking but don’t stop, so I didn’t and another 6 weeks passed. Came the time for another test and the results were even better the count had only gone up 1 point and some of the other cancer markers had actually dropped.

My oncologist, who isn’t renowned for being enthused about medical results as she has seen too many of her patients pass on, was extremely interested in what I had been taking.

I told her it was an immune booster called “98 Alive” and I’d been taking it for about 6 weeks. She was very interested but didn’t make any comment other than say that she would see me in another 6 weeks.

I fretted like buggery over those next 6 weeks I can tell you. The time came for another blood test. My GP had the results but didn’t say much and left that up to my specialist.

When I came into her office she was very, very interested. The markers were all over the place. The main count was only up 1 point and most of the other factors were either static or had dropped a couple of points.

This time she really took notice and quizzed me in more detail about what it was I was taking and how much. She pointed out that it was evident that I wasn’t going to kark it and I definitely be around for Christmas .

I don’t know how “98 Alive” works but I reckon that it certainly kicked my immune system along and done something that has given me more time with my loved ones.

God Bless you Professor.

Allan Niblett.



Leanne: Lyme disease – My Personal story

Date: 01/11/14

I have an invisible illness and it doesn’t exist in Australia.

Comedy relief: – Doctor to patient –

“The bad news is, you have Lyme’s disease – The good news is –

We do not believe it exists – So you will be fine!”

However as crazy as this may sound, over eight years my quality of life had deteriorated to the point where I was struggling to survive.

A patient systematic with Lyme’s disease, with a positive test to a co-infections and parasites infestation is not enough to get treatment.

There is NO fact sheet available from Queensland Health for treatment.

Lyme disease is an infection caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, a spirochete that is found in deer ticks of genus Ixodes. The disease was named in 1977 after arthritis was observed in clusters in children in Lyme, Connecticut. An infected tick can transmit Borrelia burgdorferi to the humans and animals that it bites.

We also become the vectors infecting, as we now become carriers – Chronic Lyme’s patients are not allowed to donate their blood in USA as it survives the processing.

It is common that Australian’s who posses Lyme’s disease often donate their blood, further spreading this disease.

The symptoms of these co-infections are often nonspecific – such as fever, joint pain and headaches – which make diagnosis difficult. The treatments may be different, with doxycycline working for Lyme disease and Erlichiosis, but this is not effective for Babesiosis.

For GP & Specialist’s advice, I paid a lot of money for their years of knowledge. I walked into the Emergency Department at the Brisbane Women Royal Hospital on the 5th of January 2013– which left me in seizures for three days straight unable to stop. My Cardiologist receptionist told us to go straight to another hospital. The experience left me on half a Betaloc and pain killers every 3 hours to calm down my central nervous system after the shock of being hit with my hand bag and having my hair pulled twice while unresponsive for standing too long in the queues. The nurse mistook me as an addict.

The next 3 months I spent lying down lifeless wishing for death.

Adrian became fearful for my life, as this incident set about a chain of events that finally put a name to my mysterious illness – Lyme disease. For over two years I had slept for 15-18 hours each day, in complete dark silence.

From January 2014, my life changed, with my sense of wellness slowly launching back into normality.

Now, I can sleep through the night and start my days at 7:30am pain free.

Remember that 70% of our immune system resides in our gut. When our immune system is weak, pathogens find a way to set up residence in our body and GI tract. In order to evade the immune system and survive in a hostile, toxic environment, these bugs produce a slimy substance called bio-film. This bio-film surrounds and protects the bad bugs like an impenetrable fortress allowing them to thrive and reproduce. As they reproduce, they continue to produce their toxic by-products that have detrimental effects on the health of the host without the host even realizing the bugs are there.

I was up unable to sleep as per usual, surfing the net about chronic illnesses having bio-film. I discovered Bio-film is an excretion, a protective coating preventing antibiotics and the immune system destroying chronic illness like Cancer and Lyme’s.

The hunt was on….

By some miracle Prof Max Reynolds was on the radio December 2013, Adrian just happened to be tuned in – Subject: – Dengue Fever and how 98alive kills all four strains by boosting the immune system and dissolving the bio-film. ***BINGO***                          I started 98alive straight away. I started slow and built up to 4 a day.

A typical day starts early as I wake to take my probiotic after midnight and I am now able to return to sleep with ease naturally until morning.

No more fevers, face twitches, headaches, head spinning, sho0tting chest pains, racing heart, low blood pressure, slow heart bet, with a stiff neck, screaming ears, air hunger, involuntary movements, tremors, seizures and vivid dreams. All Gone.

My Frozen feet and icy hands with a body that has little to no tolerances to temperature changes, light and sound sensitivity. Totally Gone.

Under my skin no longer crawls or bites. I can jump out of bed without Adrian’s assistance lifting and pulling me up. I can enjoy a relaxing bubble bath on my own, I can stand in the shower without sitting down to wash my hair because my arms are too heavy and legs are too weak. I no longer cry from helplessness and the pain of it all.

In fact, I know my husband’s name. I can even tell you what I am eating on my plate and complete a sentence and speak paragraphs.

The frozen shoulder –Gone. Left knee joint pain- Gone.

I can walk to the mirror, smile and tell myself, I’m gorgeous–my skin glows, I feel rested; awake, I chat to Adrian, making perfect sense. I even get a little smack on the bottom that doesn’t make me scream out in pain. I feel no pressure on my neck as I unwrap the towel from around my head. The soles of my feet no longer feel the pressure of my weight, pins and needles or numbness all gone -I can wear a small heal – I am interested in selecting & dressing into my corporate look Scarf and make up – I get a kiss and a compliment. My irritation and anger has turned into morning conversations and pleasantries as I enjoy walking out of my bedroom as I can walk down our staircase not holding onto the banister for support into the morning Brisbane sunshine, pain free and with a clear mind.

I had to relearn my accounting package; I can remember my passwords and type sentences that are legible.

I now enjoy flavoursome meals and beverages. I had forgotten how delicious food made me feel as I take my morning, two Doxycylcline that’s 200mg and two 98alive with a glass of alkaline water with oxygen.

My daughter Rachel can now sit on my lap and we cuddle without the pressure of her weight hurting my thighs with shooting pain down my legs. I no longer scream at her, get off! You’re hurting me!

I can drive Rachel to school with my driver’s license returned; we have a permanent late pass. We can play fight and laugh without me hyperventilating, passing out and having a seizure. No more Dangerous falls leaving me with bruising, abrasions and a Chiropractic bill.

I didn’t realize how stressed Rachel had become and the responsibility load she carried until she told me–“ if you have a seizure at the shopping centre, I am walking away”. I told her to just take my hand bag and get help. This was good advice because Rachel wanted the new Twilight music track at the time and I promised her. The sales assistant put on my request – silly me, not thinking, did as I was told, put on the headphones. Well – the strings quartet entrance on the sound track brought me to my knees, uncontrollably shaking and I managed to fling off the head set hitting the ground violently – I couldn’t speak — I was focused – two fingers into my ears to stop a seizure. All the while Rachel was calming & reassuring the assistant I was okay and it was all normal. How sad – this had become her normal…me on the floor shaking in a shopping centre.

After all this, Rachel would grab my hand and swing so people wouldn’t notice the hand grabbing air gestures and slapping as the adrenaline would be pumping around my body. A Scan had found one adrenaline gland had grown, producing 24/7 fight flight response, (adrenal fatigue). Rachel now just links her arm into mine as we walk around the shopping centre chatting. This past weekend we had an ionic detox foot bath together, whilst drinking plenty of water, we compared our coloured water.

Rachel no longer worries about me if I get stuck under a flickering florescent tube in the supermarket, she just gives me a shove if I become unresponsive and I start moving again. Hmmm the smell and taste of coffee is so good, I can treat myself to a half strength that I can tolerate. This gives me a little boost of normality.

I can drive, I can push a shopping trolley full of groceries, I can load the bags, I can find my way home (that is the big one), I can unpack the car, I can carry bags inside, I can unpack the groceries, I can stay awake, I can cook dinner.

My son Kristian drove me to the shops as he was too hungry not to take me. Kristian did everything except pay the bill. In the end he would make a list, I would give him the money and Kristian went on his own. Adrian cooked, cleaned up and I lay on the lounge.

I did nothing!

Shopping Centres were once a dangerous place for me to visit due to the unpredictability of my disease. I had no idea when a new situation would arise; The security alarm in Dick Smith or tripped Christmas store opening left me running to a safe, silent location – or a fire drill alarm at Coles half through my weekly grocery checkout – I left and I came back 2 hours later – just a simple eye examination turned into a spectacle, by this stage the third neurologist had taken away my driver license due to Jets law.

My girlfriend Rebecca dropped me off for an eye exam and headed off to kill some time. Rebecca returned to be told I wasn’t there so an announcement was placed over the PA, “we have a lost Leanne Barsby in the centre”, some medic’s caught her eye – she KNEW immediately that would be for Leanne and followed them straight back to where she had left me. I was found and I didn’t even know I was lost.

I woke up lying down to two ambulance medics, a police officer, Shopping Centre OH&S officer, one male optometrist and female shop assistance. One puff of air, pressure test set this off. I had slid off my chair under the table hitting the machine, so I was told later. It was all unexpected as the optometrist grabbed his machine that almost toppled on top of me. All I remember is the pain in my left should that hit the metal cabinet. The black & blue bruising came out the next day as the optometrists had left me having a seizure crumpled in the corner. As a male, alone with an unresponsive female, he would not touch me, so he called for assistance. They both left me in the same position (in pain) until the ambulance arrived 20 minutes later. The paramedics put me into recovery position whereby I was able to recover once the pain stopped screaming in my head.

Once all the pain stopped and I recovered enough to speak, the OH&S Officer was asking lots of questions for his incident report until he was told to stop and move away for medical attention. The first question was “what drugs have you taken?”

None – But I need to take some as I am past due for my Betaloc.

All I had was Betaloc to stop my seizures and if I missed I was prone to seizures at a drop of a hat, which was all I knew. They asked me what condition I had. I did not know.

My cardiologist told Adrian it was only a matter of time that Leanne would kill herself – Not IF but WHEN - by misadventure.

My girlfriend Rebecca picked me up – “I should have known better than to leave you alone”. I refused to go to hospital. Referred to an eye specialist, bright lights flashed in my eyes produced seizures the whole time I was there. Adrian took me this time. Freaked out, the specialist couldn’t find out why I was seeing flashes and glints in my eyes. GONE

I can stand for one hour as I meet and greet my passengers, whilst allocating them to my chauffeurs– The coffee shop noise from behind no longer gives me a fright and the smell of fresh coffee is divine- I can almost taste it.

I can comprehend the art of conversation with my chauffeurs, I can share laughter, I can enjoy the atmosphere – airports are such happy places – everyone is looking forward to be reunited with loved ones.

I have been successfully reintegrated back into society for short periods of time.

I can cook the evening meal, take another 2x Doxycycline and another 2x 98alive.

I can stay up cuddling my daughter while enjoying a movie with my family.

I can jump into a cold bed without having a seizure. My husband Adrian no longer feels the guilt of holding and loving his wife, as the physical pressure of his touch and weight was too painful. In the past, this would often produce multiple seizures, lasting 10 minutes and were so violent and exhausting that they rendered me speechless in a comatose state from thrashing one minute, stop breathing the next. Then start all over again as every muscle in my body locked and wouldn’t release me from the pain as my nerve endings exploded. It would blow my brains out – All Gone. I am rock solid stable seizure pain free and sleeping through the night. I can feel loved as he is able to love me again.

The worst part of this disease is the anxiety, it sends you mad. I just wanted to jump out of my body and run away. I do not drink and I do not smoke and I do not take drugs. I have had a clean life, so why am I so ill? That is the question nobody had an answer, except for some. It was suggested that it was all in my head and I was doing this for attention, as all my test results came back negative.

This was said to me by my GP after my holiday when I passed out at a river crossing and asked if it was safe to be driving? He said yes!

I had been holidaying with my daughter Rachel and my girlfriend Michelle with her daughter Grace at Kingscliff NSW.

We were swimming across the river and I am a good swimmer. The excursion proves to be too much of resistance for my body. It was calm, no ripe or current in fact there were whole families and small children crossing.

My arms were getting heavier; we were only 15 meters away. I told Michelle I was too tired and she reassured me we were almost there when I stopped talking and went limp – Michelle was right next to me and only had to reach out to grab me and held my head above water – Michelle kept talking to me – my eyes were wide open in a Blank stare non-responsive – Michelle shook me, kept repeating my name until I replied. I was fully aware, I just couldn’t respond – Michelle saved my life that day.

Our two daughters were safe on the other side and had gathered around me. From that point on I was never to be left alone in water. I must be supervised even our swimming pool and spa became too dangerous as hot and cold would see me seizure and pass out.

This particular Doctor read all my reports and said “ some things in life you must except and just get on with your life as Western Medicine doesn’t have all the answers”.

To this I told him I was worried I would kill myself accidentally. To this his fist hit the desk without warning and he said, “move on with your life”. I startled and jumped up from my chair with fright. I burst into tears. He asked me if I was depressed and offered my antidepressant tables. I refused, I was sick, not depressed. I paid my bill and changed GP’s finally had the correct tests done as I was told to:-

“Go home, live your life, save your money, time, and accept it.”

However, due to the miracle of my husband hearing Professor Reynolds speaking about 98alive on the radio one afternoon, I didn’t have to “go home and accept” my condition.

My family and I are very grateful to Prof Max Reynolds and 98alive for giving me my life back — as I CAN and I DO live a full life now – and thank you to all the GP’s whom believe and medicate us that must stay nameless to protect them from persecution from some misguided health authorities.

The bad news is, you have Lyme’s disease – The good news is – health authorities say, “We do not believe Lyme disease exists – So you will be fine!”

The best news is, if I CAN, YOU CAN.

Leanne – November 2014



C. Smith: Lung cancer – My personal Victory for Wellness

Date: 01/08/14

I was 70 years old and on oxygen support in November 2009 when my Specialist Doctor diagnosed incurable lung cancer – told me to go home and get my affairs in order, that I had only 6 – 8 weeks to live.

I wasn’t ready to accept that it was the end for me, so I asked if there wasn’t at least some experimental treatment I could try.

My doctor said he knew of Professor Max Reynolds and that some of the research Professor Reynolds was doing with a natural compound made from Melaleuca Alternifolia showed promise, but that it was still unproven.

I insisted he give me a referral to Professor Reynolds and I volunteered for a nebulising treatment with a solution of MAC/98alive™ three times a day, accompanied with a dose of 150mg MAC/98alive capsules three times per day.

Within three months, my X-rays showed no lesions attributable to cancer in my lungs.

Since May 2011, 18 months after the start of my MAC/98alive treatment, I have no longer needed oxygen support and I have been able to resume my activities around the house & garden.

As of September 2014, I am still enjoying life and my victory over lung cancer.


Douglas Dean: Dengue fever – Two personal Victories for Wellness

Date: 01/09/14

As discussed, I am out of my supply of 98Alive as the teenagers of two of my business partners in Malaysia have come down with Dengue in the past 2 months.

The first one ended up in hospital on a drip. She appears to have had a mild case though. We fed her a few pills a day and she was out of hospital after 4 days.

The other case happened this past week. The 17 year old son of my other partner came down with severe pain and high fever. They rushed him to hospital, initially thinking he has acute appendicitis but it didn’t jive because he also had spikes of fever. So after messing around for a few days, they finally diagnosed that he had Dengue.

By this time, his platelet count was dropping quickly and the doctors were getting increasingly concerned. We managed to get the last box of 98Alive over to him and within taking the first pill; the platelet count made a U-turn and ultimately went back to normal within 3 days. This was all done behind the doctor’s back as they really don’t know about 98Alive yet. So in the end, the doctor said “it turned out to be a milder case of Dengue than we initially thought.”

Well, we know this is not the case. Actually, there was another Dengue victim on the same ward who had the same initial conditions and he ended up getting a transfusion as my partner’s son was walking out of the hospital. It was regretful that we were not able to get some of the pills to that guy too.

In any case, we now are in need of some more pills. Both my partners and their families are clamoring for product. So, if you could send us 8 boxes of 60 pills that would be grand. Just send me the account details where I can TT the money to.


Cherylee Dougan: Arthritis pain – My personal Victory for Wellness

Date: 15/09/14


Approximately two months ago, 98alive was recommended to me by my Aunt and Uncle, as I was suffering severe arthritic pain, which was really impacting my life.  I am a carer to two people, my mother who has terminal blood cancer, and my daughter, who has ASD Aspergers, amongst many other varied health issues.

I am only 39.  I was in extreme pain in my finger joints (both hands), my right wrist, my right ankle, and my back.  I would wake every morning (after being woken numerous times at night in pain) in extreme pain; both hands were excruciatingly painful, so swollen that I couldn’t even make a fist/hold a cup/fill the kettle up – unless using two hands.  My wrist was so painful also, that things that we take for granted, like cutting up vegetables for dinner, even something softer, like salads – was something I could no longer do.  It would take me at least an hour to get out of bed in the morning, due to the combination of the pain in my hands, ankle, wrist, and back.

I had tried 3 months of the recommended maximum dosages of Glucosamine and Fish Oil – with no result at all.  That’s where, in passing comment, talking to my Aunt and Uncle, they recommended 98alive, said they had been on it for years, and at times even ‘forgot’ that they had arthritis – that’s how good the product was.  Me being me, even coming from someone I know and trust, I was sceptical, so I did my own research, and I did purchase one box (you can sign up for the 98Alive capsules to be automatically sent – at intervals you choose, and it SAVES you money this way, but I just wanted to trial it, see if it worked, before signing up for something).  After 1 week, I noticed that I no longer had pain nor swelling in my finger joints, and that instead of constant, continual pain in my right wrist and ankle – it was only if I had them on different angles – that I would feel pain.  I also noticed that it wasn’t taking me an hour to get out of bed!  After 2 weeks – I can HONESTLY say, from the bottom of my heart, I HAD NO PAIN at all in my finger joints, in my right wrist, or in my right ankle!!  None.  Gone.  No matter what angle I had them on – and even chopping veggies etc I was able to do again!!!  The back pain however is still there, but is NO WHERE NEAR as bad as it was.  The back pain thought is NOT just from arthritis, it is because I fell down a flight of stairs whilst I was pregnant with my daughter, and I have damaged my spine.  The 98Alive HAS helped though, as I said, it would take me at least an hour to get out of bed, and at least another hour to actually be able to get ‘moving’ because of the pain I was in – but I now get out of bed as I used to, no pain, and my life has become MY LIFE again!  I truly, honestly recommend this product to anyone suffering from arthritic pain – it has saved my sanity in so many ways!

A few weeks ago, my mother, who as I said, suffers from terminal blood cancer, checked with her doctors, to ask and see if she was also able to take 98alive (make sure it wasn’t going to interact with any of her other medications she was on) – as before she was diagnosed with Severe A Plastic Anemia (immune system attacks bone marrow – bone marrow makes red and white cells, and things called platelets – which help your blood clot, and stop bleeding – Mum has on any given week between 1 up to a maximum of 15 – where a normal amount of platelets is 250,000) she WAS taking glucosamine and fish oil, as she has suffered with Arthritis for years.

Upon the diagnosis of the blood cancer – she was taken off the glucosamine and fish oil – as they are BOTH blood thinners, and there was no way that she could safely continue to take them.  Anyway, her doctor said yes, there was no reason after investigating 98alive capsules/contents that my mother couldn’t take them.  As long as she didn’t have a reaction, then go for it.  I put my mother onto them for a week (I do her medications for her).  After a week, she didn’t say anything, as to whether they had helped or not, so I stopped giving them to her.  Two days later she asked me ‘Am I still on those Arthritis things – because everywhere that had stopped hurting – is hurting again’.  Hence, she is back on them, and is gaining significant arthritic relief from the 98alive capsules.  The other benefit to my mother is that the 98alive capsules are also an ‘Immune System Strengthener’.  One of the medications my mother is on, specifically targets parts of her immune system, which means she is immunity compromised.  These 98alive Capsules are also helping to keep her ‘healthy’, and to fight off what normally, her body wouldn’t be able to.

I’ve put this out there, so that people really can see, that they do work.  I’m a real person.  My circumstances are REAL.  I believe in the product SO much, that I am happy to even put my email out there, so that if anyone wants to talk to me about the product and how it has benefited myself and my mother, then please feel free to contact me.  It honestly has changed our lives.!!!  Thanks so very much to the professor who made these capsules, and thanks very much to the company/people who help distribute and give out information on this wonderful life changing product!!  Cherylee Dougan aka GoobiePink

Email: exclamation74@hotmail.com

Raphael Verkest: My Personal Victory for Wellness

Date: 23/06/14

In July 2013 the hospital detected deadly cancer-cells in my left kidney.

On 30 July it was removed, and proved it was a carcinoma cancer.

After the operation, CT scans showed all was clear, except there where little spots on my lungs, but the Doctor told me maybe this is nothing to worry about.

23 October 2013, I had a full body scan.

Four days later the hospital cancer specialist told me I had a growth nodule of 2.5cm in my left lung and one of 16ml under my spleen.

She made it clear that I had only 3 years to live, and added that I need to take chemo tablets, but after reading the negative complications it can give, I refused.

She warned me that maybe soon I was going to be very sick.

Then I started a raw organic food diet with lots fresh veggie juices plus taking lots of alternative supplements.

On 11 February 2014, I started taking 98alive.

Only 4 weeks after taking my first 98alive capsules a good friend came back from overseas and told me he was amazed seeing me so much changed. He said that my face had a nice colour and my eyes had a bright sparkle.

I was thinking he wanted to encourage me, but the next day at the organic market 3 more people told me the same story. From that day on people I know well started giving me similar compliments. They all tell me that, months before, my face was looking grey and my eyes where watery.

In April of 2014 Professor Reynolds started me on a special course of liquid 98alive inhaled through a nebulizer, for the growth on my left lung –

In May the results of my X-ray showed the growth on my lung had shrunk – the Doctor said the results of my last X-ray showed the 2.5cm spot on my left lung was shrinking – and the one under my spleen was not shrinking.

My Doctor’s appointments at Southport Griffith University Hospital

Date: 24th of May 2014; what was recommended and my questions:

The Doctor said that my cancer in my lung is shrinking, but the growth under my spleen has grown. He advised to accept chemo for it would be good.

I replied that all the people that I knew and some good friends too have died from getting chemo, so for that reason I refused again.

He replied that he was asking the main Doctor in charge what to do.

He came back and told me that his boss advised to have surgery to cut out the said growth under my spleen.

I was called back in the urology on the 10th of June, at 10.30 am.

On that morning I saw a young lady Doctor.

She explained that different Doctors of the department decided to have the cancer growth under my spleen surgically removed.

On my question if that was really necessary, she decided to call her Doctor boss.

A male Doctor of about 40 years old came in and explained that my lung cancer was shrinking but that under my spleen the cancer had grown.

The good news was he said that there was no cancer other than under my spleen.

He said that they would remove the cancer and scrape or cut parts of my spleen.

In the worst-case scenario, maybe remove my spleen altogether. He added that it was a big operation and that the surgeons will cut my belly wide open to be able to do it.

He added that my cancer spots in my lungs where shrinking, but the good news was: “there is no other cancer found in the rest of your body.” He said.

At that time I started asking questions.

I asked: “How big are the cancer spots in my lungs now?” I added “There was a growth of 21/2 cm in my left lung on 11 October 2013, was there not?”

He asked the young lady Doctor to have a look in the computer.

Both Doctors started looking in the computer and soon the head Doctor said that there was only a dot of spot of cancer left over, all others had healed.

I asked, “Doctor, why has the cancer in my lungs shrank and the spot under my spleen growing but not shrinking as well?”

He had a moment of thinking and the answered: “Maybe the cancer in your lungs was NOT CANCER”

So I said, “OK if the cancer in my lungs was not cancer maybe the growth under my spleen is not cancer either?”

He replied “I am sure that is a cancer growth, if we cut it out it will prolong your life.”

“Are you a hundred percent sure it is cancer? Why not have a biopsy done?”

I further stressed, “If the cancer in my lungs was not cancer, maybe this is not a cancer growth”.

The doctor said, “We are never 100% sure!” After thinking for a moment he ordered the younger Doctor to give a referral to have a PETS-SCAN, as soon as possible.”

My question:” What is a pets can Doctor?”

Doctor: “With a pet scan all the cancer cells will shine or light-up so we can see them.”

Later on he said: “But if it’s not a small growth maybe it will not shine up!”

I got the PETS-SCAN scan two days later on Thursday 12 of June.

On 20 June, my Doctor said that the small tumor under my spleen shows to be melting, saying that it’s what the results of the PET-SCAN shows.

Before I started taking 98alive I felt sick and looked unwell. Once I started taking 98alive I began to look and feel better.

Now – only 4 months later, I tell everyone that I feel great!

I believe 98alive has strengthened my immune system and changed my health – and my life — for the better.


Dale Dare – Gold Coast

December 2013

I contracted a form of TB in 2012 and for some 12 months was taking a variety of prescribed medicines to relieve the symptoms. I had trouble breathing, sleeping and lacked energy.

My husband mentioned my problems to Professor Reynolds who sent me a liquid form of 98alive for inhalation.

I started taking 98alive through a nebuliser approximately three minutes twice a day – by the fourth day I started to breathe freely — no more difficulty, noisy breathing!

By the end of the first week my energy level was up to normal. I have continued to take 98alive and its use has greatly reduced my symptoms and improved my quality of life.

Jenny – Brisbane

November 2013

I have used 98alive Immune System Strengthener, pain Relief oil, Throat spray, Nebuliser, and Nasal spray for more than 3 years.

Prior to being introduced to these products by Professor Reynolds I was experiencing ear infections, chest infections, sinus infections, and throat infections to the frequency that I was being prescribed antibiotics almost monthly.

It came to the point that the antibiotics were having little effect and the doctors were perplexed as to how to help me.

I was willing to give anything a try!

It’s been three years since I started taking 98alive and I have not required any antibiotics during that time – and my general health has greatly improved.

I still jokingly ask Professor Reynolds if the Pain Relief oil is available in bucket size so I can dunk my head in it before going to bed!

I have found the pain Relief oil not only great in relieving pain, but also in assisting healing of scar tissue.

Mirco & Margaret Debalak – Gold Coast

December 2013

I am in my 60’s and my husband is 69. As a result of a motor accident I have been confined to a wheel chair for over 25 years and my husband Mirco has been assisting my limited mobility.

Both of us were very susceptible to colds – and I had a lot of muscular pain.

We started taking 98alive Immune System Strengthener three years ago and neither of us has suffered a cold since.

I have also been applying 98alive pain relief oil for muscular soreness and it significantly relieves my pain.

We feel 98alive has improved our over-all wellbeing – recently we felt well enough to go on a European River cruise – it was fabulous – but most of the other people in our tour caught colds & other infections – however, we stayed perfectly well!

We are so happy we discovered 98alive – it has changed our lives for the better.

Steven Murray – Gold Coast

In October 2001 I entered Pacific Private Hospital for a routine prostate procedure (TURP). Within one week of this procedure I became ill. Symptoms included nausea and a debilitating pain in my back and lungs. The surgeon put this down to the tearing of a back muscle during surgery.

Over the next few months my condition worsened culminating in my emergency visit to Alamanda Hospital on 26 Dec 2001, as I was unable to breathe without excruciating pain. The admitting doctor questioned why I was not wearing a shoe on my right foot and I explained that the foot had become swollen. The doctor took one look at my foot and rang the duty surgeon to advise him that he was admitting me and that I needed emergency surgery as my foot had become septic.

Whilst awaiting admission, the doctor ordered a scan of my lungs (the reason for my trip to emergency) and determined that I had a partially collapsed lung and that this was the reason for my more than 2 months of severe pain.

I had bone and tendon tissue removed from my foot. My GP looked after my progress from the time of my release from hospital but my blood was still infected with a ‘bug ‘ of unknown origin that I had picked up during the TURP procedures back in October. I was placed on antibiotics and 25mg of cortisone daily so that I had some form of existence. Approximately fortnightly blood tests were conducted but my blood remained infected.

In desperation in July of 2002, my doctor ordered me on to a cocktail of antibiotics to try and clear the infection. These were
Ciproxin 750 mg daily
Vibramycin 100 mg daily
Klacid 250 mg daily

I was advised that I could not stay on this combination for more than 3 months but it was a desperate attempt to clear up this unknown infection. In the eighth week of this course I put on approx. 8kgs weight and was immediately taken of all antibiotics.

I was then introduced to Professor Max Reynolds who was in the process of developing a natural antibiotic.

I agreed to be the first human to take this medicine as I had exhausted all other avenues (my GP believed that on several occasions over the previous 9 months I came very close to dying).

I spent 17 days, 3 times per day, inhaling the MAC/98alive product through a nebuliser and immediately started feeling a great improvement in my condition. At the end of this treatment blood tests showed that my blood had returned to normal and that the unknown infection was completely cleared. There is no doubt this product saved my life.

Steve Murray