During 2014 PT Equilab International conducted a trial on Melaleuca Alternifolia Concentrate (MAC) labelled:

A Randomized, Double Blind, placebo Controlled, Parallel Study of 150mg and 300mg of M.A.C. (98alive™) As Cellular Immunity Enhancer in Healthy Subjects

The objective was to better understand how healthy people with their Immune System in full working order, would respond to taking M.A.C. (98alive™).

120 healthy individuals were enlisted in this trial which made it clearly a definitive report on mass.

A Summary of the results after 4 weeks are as follows:

-          CD4 (Helper Cells) – 17.4% Increase in cell numbers

-          CD8 (Action Cells) – 3.5% Increase in cell numbers

-          NK (Natural Killer Cells) – 17.1% Increase in cell numbers

The result clearly shows a marked increase in active cells necessary to fight disease. It shows that even in healthy individuals, M.A.C.(98alive™) increases the Immune activity.

This finding indicates the taking of M.A.C.(98alive™) on a regular basis is useful to avoid a sudden drop in cell activity at the onset of colds, flu, etc. — assisting those infected to recover more quickly — possibly preventing other infections (co-infections) from taking hold.

Immune Boost
Table IV

Treatment Recommended dosage of 98alive for ages 7 and above Recommended dosage of 98alive for children from 2-7 years
General Immune Boost 1-2 x 150 mg capsule a day 3 ml syrup

When taken as a daily supplement, MAC/ 98alive™ has been clinically proven to boost the immune system, based on tests conducted at Griffith University Medical Centre by Professor Steve Ralph.

Research shows that MAC/98alive™ significantly increases the number of CD4 (helper cells) and CD8 (killer cells) which are known to promote the activities of the immune system.

Based on the strength of independent laboratory test results, the MAC/ 98alive™ label states that it is “A natural product laboratory proven to balance and strengthen the immune system”. The laboratory tests were conducted by the Griffith University Medical Centre, Gold Coast Campus, Australia. Most other products are not allowed to make such specific claims as they lack the credible scientific data in support.

Griffith University research

Based on a 2009/2010 study series conducted by Griffith University Department of Immunology, testing the effects of MAC/98alive™ on selective cytokine induction and activation of immune cell populations in mice, the following results were obtained:

  • MAC/98alive™ helps promote immune system response when administered in doses 200mg – 800mg/kg body weight.
  • MAC/98alive™ increases production of selective acute immune phase response cytokines IL-1, IL-3, & IL-6, but not TNF alpha (inflammatory response).
  • MAC/98alive™ promotes significant increases in activation of immune ‘T’ cells particularly CD3+, CD4+ (helper cells), CD8+ (killer cells), CD11b, CD40+ and CD80+ lymphocytes.
  • Even the smallest dose of MAC/ 98alive (200mg/kg) in mouse trials promoted increased levels of F4/80 (up to 5 fold) and D11b+ monocyte/macrophages in peripheral blood.
  • MAC/98alive™ does not inhibit LPS-induced immune response in vivo, but rather is able to promote these responses.
  • MAC/98alive™ shows a greater capacity to promote established antigenic immune responses and hence, its mode of action is different from LPS/endotoxin.
  • MAC/98alive™ does not appear to act as a non-specific immune stimulant/adjuvant.

Current Status

98alive™ is licensed for sale as an OTC Immune booster in Australia.

More tests are currently underway to extend our understanding of how MAC/98alive™ is able to boost the production of amongst others: CD4, CD8, and cytokine components.