Cancer is a class of diseases in which a group of cells display uncontrolled growth (division beyond the normal limits), invasion (intrusion on and destruction of adjacent tissues), and sometimes metastasis (spread to other locations in the body via lymph or blood). These three malignant properties of cancers differentiate them from benign tumours, which are self-limited, and do not invade or metastasize. Most cancers form a tumor but some, like leukaemia, do not.

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and affects people at all ages with the risk for most types increasing with age. Lung, stomach, liver, colon and breast cancer cause the most cancer deaths each year, with tobacco use the single most important risk factor for cancer. Cancer caused about 13% of all human deaths in 2007 (7.6 million) and more than 30% of cancer deaths can be prevented. Currently there is no cure for cancer and the unfortunate exposure to cancer activating materials can be impossible to avoid. Whether our bodies will or will not form cancer is subject to numerous factors and are quite often beyond our control.

Cancer is thus a progressive disease, and these progressive errors slowly accumulate until a cell begins to act contrary to its function in the organism.

MAC/98alive™ Application & Treatment


Cancer treatment using MAC/98alive™ is in its early stages showing positive results on a wide range of different cancer strains. Initial testing at Griffith University in Australia based on cell liner work and mice models show MAC/98alive™ kills three primary types of cancer cells – breast, lung, and prostate cancer cells whilst a recent program carried out by NCI (National cancer Institute –USA) expanded that range considerably.

MAC/98alive™ shows promise in stopping or preventing certain cancers from growing. Mouse trial on lung cancer by giving mice MAC/98alive™ first and then implantation of cancer cells showed the inhibition of cancer growth. Given the extensive number of cancer types and the specificity of each animal model, research into treatment solutions for many cancer types are underway.

Specifically, the early tests show that the cancer must be completely exposed to MAC/ 98alive™ to be completely killed. Based on this result, the current research focus is into application by injection directly into the cancer envelope killing it from the inside out, without damaging the healthy cells outside the cancer tumour.

Table XII

Primary target of on-going research Expected treatment of 98alive™
Breast cancer Injection of MAC/ 98alive ™ solution into tumour and daily dosage of 98alive™ capsules
Lung cancer Inhalation using nebulizer with 98alive™ and daily dosage of MAC/98alive™ capsules
Prostate cancer Injection of 98alive™ solution into tumour and daily dosage of MAC/ 98alive™ capsules
Secondary target of on-going research Expected treatment of MAC/98alive™
Liver cancer Direct injection of MAC/98alive™ solution and daily dosage of 9MAC/8alive™  capsules

No details of dosage rate as yet

Colon cancer Direct injection of MAC/98alive™ solution and daily dosage of MAC/98alive™ capsules

No details of dosage rate as yet

Rectum cancer Direct injection of 98alive™ solution and daily dosage of 98alive™ capsules

No details of dosage rate as yet

Pancreatic cancer Direct injection of MAC/98alive™ solution and daily dosage of MAC/98alive™ capsules

No details of dosage rate as yet

Brain cancer Direct injection of 98alive™ solution and daily dosage of MAC/98alive™ capsules

No details of dosage rate as yet

Potential advantages of MAC/98alive™ in Cancer treatment

There are a number of management options for cancer including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, immunotherapy, and monoclonal antibody therapy. Compared to these treatments, MAC/98alive™ holds significant advantages.

Table XIII

  • Impact of MAC/98alive™ kills certain types of cancer cell upon direct contact
Anti-tumour (1)
  • MAC/98alive™ exhibits anti-tumour activity both in vitro and in vivo.
Boost immune system
  • It is expected that MAC/98alive™ improves cancer patients immune system.
No side effects
  • MAC/98alive™ causes no side effects.
Speed of action
  • In early testing on patients with breast cancer MAC/98alive™ showed a kill rate within 3 days on directly injection active into breast cancer tumours.
Cost differential
  • MAC/98alive™ will be made available at an average annual end-user treatment price of less than USD $1,000 per patient compared to USD $28,000 to USD $40,000 depending on the treatment.

Relevant results for MAC/98alive™ in Cancer treatment

First case results – patient A – Lung cancer

A 70 year old male with lung cancer in Brisbane, Australia and on oxygen support was given 6 to 8 weeks to live by his specialist cancer doctor in November 2009.

He was referred to Professor Reynolds regarding assistance by the patient’s GP and he volunteered for nebulising treatment with a solution of 3ml of 3% MAC/98alive™ three times per day and a dose of 150mg 98alive™ capsules three times a day. Within three months, X-rays showed no lesions attributable to cancer in the lungs.

When interviewed in May 2011, 18 months after start of treatment, he was found to no longer need oxygen support, and was able to resume a desired level of activity around the house and garden. This man is still alive today (July 2014) enjoying the benefit of life and his victory over lung cancer.

This patient is one of a number of cancer sufferers that Professor Reynolds has treated.

Griffith University

Work has been completed in the laboratory in-vitro and with mice (Griffith University – Biotech Department) under the guidance of Professor Cordia Chu and Professor Reynolds. MAC/98alive™ has successfully killed lung cancer cells and breast cancer cells. The cells are not able to survive when challenged by MAC/98alive™.

Breast cancer – India

Six women in India who had breast cancer were given the option of having MAC/98alive™ injected directly into the tumor in their breasts, or of having a mastectomy and / or chemotherapy. MAC/98alive™ was successful within three days in disintegrating all the tumours, therefore avoiding a mastectomy and further expensive and painful treatment.

Cancer Types

MAC/98alive™ has been concentrated on the primary types of cancer against which it has a chance to stop or prevent from growing. These consist of;

Primary targets
Breast cancer
Lung cancer
Prostate cancer

Secondary targets
Liver cancer
Colon cancer
Rectum cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Brain cancer

The testing in cell liner work and mice models shows that MAC/98alive™ kills these types of cancer and the main aims are in the application of MAC/98alive™ to these cancer areas.

Test 1: Cancer study by Griffith University, February 2008 (Australia)

Cervical, lung, and colon human cancers were grown in cell lines and exposed to MAC/98alive™. The study showed that all cancer cells were killed.

Test 2: Lung cancer research by Griffith University, 2008 (Australia)

A group of mice were fed MAC/98alive and then had lung cancer cells introduced into their bodies.

Another group of mice had lung cancer cells introduced first and were then fed MAC/98alive™.

A third group was used as the control group.

In the first group, the cancer cells would not grow and died.


The work that has been conducted to date has illustrated that all cancer cells that have been challenged by MAC/98alive™ have been terminated.

The latest murine studies (live mouse studies) which have focused on breast cancer conclusively show the eradication of the cancerous cells and complete deterioration of the tumor in four to eight days from a single injection.

Professor Reynolds believes that many types of cancer can be defeated with this simple but effective procedure with no side effects for the patient and minimal discomfort and in respect of breast cancer the avoidance of a mastectomy.

MAC/98alive™ offers a new way of low cost, effective and safe treatment option, with little to no side effects and will become the method of choice for the global treatment of cancer.